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The Goal

Our 140 law student volunteers have set a goal of raising $5,000 to meet a matching grant made possible by the Stephen & May Cavin Leeman Foundation. If they successfully raise $5,000, LO will receive $10,000 to support its programs and expand to serve more students.

This money will help support LO’s valuable programming and make it possible for the organization to serve more students in the future.

Why Support LO?

Legal Outreach empowers young people from underserved communities to succeed academically by implementing intensive legal and educational programs that prepare students for college and career opportunities in the legal profession.

Since LO launched in 1983, 445 students have completed the four-year program; 99.3% have entered college. More than two-thirds have matriculated at colleges and universities identified by Barron’s as the nation’s “most or highly competitive” colleges.  Ninety percent of the LO Class of 2008 will have completed college within five years of matriculation (67% with a GPA of 3.0 or higher); the average six-year graduation rates for white, Hispanic, and African-American/American Indian students are 62%, 50%, and 39%, respectively.  Additionally, 30% of the class has already enrolled in a graduate school program.

Legal Outreach has been recognized as one of the most successful organizations of its kind.  The Minority Law Journal identified Legal Outreach as “arguably the legal profession’s best example of an early-intervention pipeline program—and one of the few with a long-term track record.”  In 2010, the American Bar Association’s Council on Racial and Ethnic Diversity selected the organization as the nation’s most outstanding pipeline diversity program.  And in 2011, Root Cause, a social impact research institution, selected Legal Outreach in 2011 as one of New York City’s highest performing college access and success organizations.

What Does $10K Do For LO?

Because Legal Outreach is committed to serving students who cannot otherwise afford to pay for the opportunities that we provide, we rely on donations to implement our programs.

It costs Legal Outreach approximately $20,000 ($5,000 per year) to take one student through our four-year, year-round College Bound program.  This amount supports their involvement, free of charge, in eleven different programs spanning all four years of high school.  To learn more about our multi-faceted programming visit

Furthermore, every year, LO turns away students from our program because we don’t have the funds to support their matriculation.  In 2012, for example, 92 students applied to College Bound; however, we could only accept 60.

The success of the 30th Anniversary fundraising efforts will provide the seed money allowing the organization to serve additional students each year.  In addition, it will help support programming including our Summer Law Institutes, Constitutional Law Debate program, Saturday Writing Academy, and After School tutoring center.


If you are a Law Student or a friend/colleague of a Law Student, you can help us raise $10,000 in the following ways:

Don’t forget to write in (when prompted) which law school you attend!

Friends and colleagues of LO law students, please write in which law student referred you to support LO so that the student can get credit for his/her successful fundraising.

As Added Incentive

  • The students from the law school with the highest average giving will have the opportunity to attend a VIP reception or have a 1:1 lunch with Legal Outreach’s advisory board members, all of whom are partners at prestigious New York law firms.
  • The top three law student fundraisers who donate and/or raise over $500 each will receive a ticket to the gala.
  • Law students who donate and/or raise $500 or more will earn a $50 gift certificate to do a special activity to do with their mentee; those who raise $1,000 will receive a $100 gift certificate.
  • Everyone who donates and/or raises $300 or above will be recognized in the gala Journal in various giving categories.

Questions?  Email Grace Pickering at

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