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Legal Outreach is committed to serving underrepresented and under-resourced communities through the use of its curriculum and training services for individual schools and school districts and foster care agencies.

If you are interested in contracting any of the services listed below, please contact Tamika Edwards, at 718-752-0222, ext 202, or use the form located at the bottom of this page.

For Schools and School Districts

Listed below are curricula and professional development services provided by Legal Outreach to schools and school districts.

LO_PACEEngage Parents and Children at Your School Through Law Workshops

For over 30 years, Legal Outreach has offered legal and educational programs as tools for youth engagement and community building. We offer law workshops that are engaging and relevant to urban youth and their families called Parent and Community Engagement (PACE) workshops. Our lessons, taught by attorneys, have helped youth acquire a balanced view of the law and inspired them to become responsible citizens and agents of change in their community. Parents and their children build relationships and foster community-building as they tackle issues such as search and seizure, stop and frisk and police use of force.

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Legal Outreach’s GAVEL Program in Schools

Legal Outreach’s Growing Academically Via Education in Law (GAVEL) program provides rigorous, urban-focused curricula that use the law to help students hone higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving, persuasive writing, and critical thinking and analytic skills – meeting Common Core standards for Social Studies and ELA – and preparing students to succeed in post-secondary education and the workforce. Our cutting-edge professional development for educators equips them to effectively implement the curricula. On-going technical assistance serves to maximize student engagement and skill acquisition.

Legal Outreach’s uniquely designed curricular materials can be used to create a dynamic law program that attracts students and can be built upon from year to year. Each curriculum can stand alone or be integrated into an on-going series of lessons.

The four main curricula are:

The Adventures of Urban Law Man: The Search for Law, Morals and Values – (Appropriate for grades 6-8)

This curriculum is designed to enhance the decision-making ability and social responsiveness of youth to legal and ethical situations which affect them, their families, and their community. The aim is to challenge young people to think critically, argue persuasively, and write effectively while considering the ethical and legal ramifications of their decisions.

Law, the Legal System and Dispute Resolution – (Appropriate for grades 7-12)

This curriculum explores how the legal system and legal processes can be used to resolve disputes that arise in the lives of urban students and their families. Students develop their advocacy, critical thinking and reasoning skills by evaluating methods given a particular scenario.

Law and Social Problems – (Appropriate for grades 7-12)

This curriculum takes an in-depth look at numerous social problems with legal implications and consequences that arise in the context of relationships between police and citizens, parents and children, husbands and wives, and landlords and tenants. As students learn the controlling laws that relate to the social problems they also develop reading comprehension, persuasive writing, reasoning, critical thinking and analytical skills.

Criminal Justice: Theory and Practice – (Appropriate for grades 7-12)

This curriculum helps students understand the underpinnings of the criminal justice process, from investigation of crimes by police through possible sentencing by judges. Through use of this curriculum students develop reading and listening comprehension, persuasive writing, reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Student Competitions

Legal Outreach helps schools establish mock trial and debate programs at their schools as a means of helping students improve their college-readiness skills as well as understand the functions, operations, and intricacies of our legal system.

  • Political Activism Competition – Curriculum and Training
  • Mock Trial Competition – curriculum and training
  • Debate Competition – curriculum and training


Fostering Change Initiative

(for youth in foster care)

Legal Outreach has a long track record of improving educational outcomes among students from underserved minority communities and populations by providing students with a vision of what’s possible for their lives, engaging them in programs that are stimulating yet academically challenging, setting high standards behaviorally and academically for participants, fostering a belief among participants that they can achieve the goals, and building a community and culture of support among the students themselves. We seek to replicate this success with some of the most vulnerable and neglected youth in New York City – those in foster care.

Since the fall of 2013, Legal Outreach has offered law classes to youth, ages 15-21, at foster care agencies. An attorney will teach select lessons one day per week from our stimulating Law & Social Problems curriculum. Law lessons will be used to address urban issues to which students can relate while they also develop life skills that will make them more responsible citizens and better students. Students will enhance life skills and build self-confidence through the implementation of lessons that they will find fascinating, such as search and seizure, stop and frisk, arrest, and police use of force. Lessons will also call for students to advocate, solve problems, make decisions, and think critically. We will work with students who participate in the class to create comprehensive education portfolios to better facilitate their educational progress and more successfully transition to adulthood, breaking the cycles that so often plague our youth.

If you are interested in having your agency participate in this program, please contact Tamika Edwards or phone at 718-752-0222, ext 202.

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