Dear Change Maker,  Meet Lesly, our 9th grade student who dreams of becoming a lawyer one day. If Lesly were a lawyer today, she would be part of the mere 11% of women of color within the legal profession.
Legal Outreach serves 137 female students from under-served communities, many with the same professional aspirations as Lesly. To help young women achieve their goals, we’ve created R.I.S.E. (Roadmap to Inspiration, Sisterhood, and Empowerment). R.I.S.E. is our new all-girls summer program, focused on providing our female students with the confidence and skills needed to break through today’s glass ceilings. We want students like Lesly to know that gender and class should not limit who they can become in this world.
With your tax deductible donation of any amount, you can make both college and the professional world more accessible to students like Lesly.   Thank you for making a difference.    -James O’ Neal, Executive Director

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