Our Success

  • 100% of College Bound participants graduate high school in four years, as compared to 70% of New York City high school students and 75% of high school students nationally
  • 98% of College Bound participants have matriculated to four-year colleges, as compared to 44% of high school seniors nationally planning to matriculate to a four year college
  • 78% of College Bound participants matriculate to Most Highly, & very competitive colleges*
  • 96% of College Bound participants graduate college in six years as compared to 55% of students nationally
  • Legal Outreach alumni were asked how much Legal Outreach contributed to their college preparation as compared to their high schools on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.
    • 4.49 Legal Outreach
    • 3.2 High School 
  • 10% of Legal Outreach college graduates are pursuing or have obtained a J.D.

*(Barron’s 3 top selectivity categories)